Mick On The Issues

Mick will be dedicated and committed to:

Economic Development

Mick believes that we must create good-paying, long term jobs through investments in small business development, educational excellence and exploration of Maine’s alternative energy sources.


Mick believes that we must provide affordable and accessible healthcare to all Mainers.  Health Education & Prevention Programs are the surest ways to reduce healthcare costs.

Tax Reform & Efficiency

For any tax to be reasonable and justified, Mick believes it must meet three criteria.   It must first address a vital need for the citizens of the State of Maine.  The tax must be levied in a fair and equitable manner for all Mainers.  And finally, it must be efficiently collected, administered and utilized.

Marine Resources

The marine environment is largest and most precious natural resource we have.  The working waterfront must be maintained and wherever possible expanded.  We also need to bring back seafood processing jobs by developing a seafood processor in the Midcoast.  All waterfront stakeholders deserve a voice and a seat at the table.  As a marine biologist, Mick knows it is possible to balance commerce and environmental protection.